Spider Creature

All my thoughts are all over the place and often I’m overwhelmed with the world around me. Stressed out by situations that I’m powerless to fix, stuck within a mindset that probably will never be adapted by the rest of the world. Watching the world fall apart as I sit on the sidelines as a helpless spectator.

I’ve been putting most my time within education and creating content to help further reinforce my daughters school studies. I figure regardless of the state of the world it’s my responsibility as a parent to try and raise a well educated and adjusted member of society whatever that society may be in the future. Maybe it’s time for the world to readjust priorities and realize what we’ve been doing wasn’t working anyways, and embrace our new realities. For me my goal by the time my daughter started school was to work outside of our home as little as possible, and homeschool.

Before when I spoke of my ideas I was often met with skepticism, because children need socialization. Therefore my husband and I had planned on sending her to school, and then the world sort of crashed and what once was a skeptical idea became the best solution.

Anyways I live within a fickle mind. That jumps from subject to subject. Often burdened by emotions that don’t always have a concrete reason behind them. Sometimes I get so angry about how at this point in time people can still be closed minded.

When I become overly stressed out because I have an over active imagination mixed with a temperamental center, I try to back away from art that has to fit a concrete form. That’s when I sit down and create my inkblot creature sort of art. I like the idea of just drawing whatever with no destination in mind, no image that I set out to create. The idea that it’s just some sort of creature left up to interpretation. I suppose because I’ve often been told over the years I’m bizarre and don’t see things the way the rest of the world does I’m fascinated with the idea of creating art that each person can see in their very own way.

Here’s the image that sparked the above rambles…

When I finished the creature I couldn’t get one strict feel from it. Is it one creature? Is it two, is the umbrella like creature being weighted down by the other creature? Or is the umbrella like creature holding the other captive? Are they connected is it a spider creature? Since I had to pick a name I went with Spider Creature.

Spider Creature is available to purchase on items above and more on Redbubble. IF interested in checking out any of my other designs here is that direct link Terribly Tina at Redbubble. Thanks for checking out my designs and reading my rambles.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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