Stitch the skin.

We can repairstitch the skin use glue when neededstaples that disintegrate as the wound healsbut the bladeit’ll reach different partsdifferent places the skin pigmentation lighter or darkerit doesn’t matterbecause living things bleedand humans die for their idealsbecause strength has been miscommunicated for centuries and no matter the processwe always fail to live within restraint. ThanksContinue reading “Stitch the skin.”

Ripping off the layers.

They removed the skin from each body ripping off the layers and reapplying with colorful quiltsto close in the organs and keep them safe. Tossing all types of genitalia into boxes for they were wasted bitsand no longer useful reproduction could be done in a labthose tools are nothing but messysloppy bits nowrendered useless byContinue reading “Ripping off the layers.”