Staring out at the water.

Staring out at the wateras the reflective glarestares back at youingesting your tearsas the sadness within you sees only the despair being eaten by salineyour wounds open the salt in the watermixed with your bloodtrying to dissolve the toxic moodsthat destroy the happiest thoughtsbecause those thoughtsare rarely strong enough to surfacebecause it’s the angerand theContinue reading “Staring out at the water.”

Handfuls of sweets.

My brain devoursthe daily gossip like handfuls of candies and sweetsand the neurotic receptors twist them aboutlike stomach churning filled of gunk made up of others despair and the laughter that surfaces strikes me down when the rational partsregain control asking “Why are you so petty?”and I bow down to that part of myself shakingContinue reading “Handfuls of sweets.”