Negatives and lets not forget the positives

I’ve spent the last several months focused on all the negative points of the pandemic, watching the chaos ravish all around me, and yet somehow through all this people have turned a pandemic into a political platform. Forcing their agenda and bombarding the public with text messages forcing their choice upon the rest of us as the right choice. Actually as I think about it the ones that forced me towards their candidate tended to be democrats.

I’ll be honest I’ve never voted before this election and I wasn’t going to allow this to break my record yet. And because of that fact I got several letters as if to intimidate me the letters stated something like we wont know who you voted for but we will know that you didn’t vote at all and we will be in contact with you to see why. And I thought cool I won’t answer, because you can kindly fuck off. That’s exactly why I don’t get involved with the whole political thing. How can change happen if the vast majority of Americans vote democrat or republican writing off any other party on the ticket?

Not to forget the call from the police department asking if I’d be willing to make a donation because of all this talk about defunding the police they need the money more than ever. The guy then stated how much would you be willing to donate $20 $75. $75 fucking dollars are you out of your mind? I hung up I never did receive an envelope to collect my donation. Go ahead defund the police, defund the entire system. Police officers ultimately are tired worn out people like the rest of us.

We wont defund the system although most people know that our system isn’t fair and doesn’t work. People accept this shitty class order because they don’t want to let go of that one percent chance that they themselves could rise above the rest of us fucks and join the 1%. The truth is were all economical junkies looking for another fix buying the useless shit as if it’ll fill the void. Indulging ourselves in designer labels just to say fuck you I made it even if we haven’t. I still remember in middle school wearing a hoodie and some kid making fun of me because it was K-Mart brand. I felt ashamed of myself embarrassed pathetic, and now I find it all so laughable. I wear non designer labels until they’re covered in holes and I have to retire them to a garbage bag. In which I’m not ashamed of I live by the motto it’s not about what your wearing it’s about what’s underneath.

And then we have the people that find the system is wrong in which their strategy is to walk around with assault rifles? I have no explanation towards this phenomenon I simply do not own guns and have no interest in owning one.

At this point in my life I just don’t want to be in debt, I’m not looking for upgrades to be able to say hey fuck I made it. I want a feeling of freeness not being weighted down by credit.

Past all that mess. I’d like to focus on the positives of the pandemic.

Positives of the pandemic in my opinion…
1. More family time.
2. It is now socially acceptable not to shake hands.
3. Some people wash their hands more often. (why didn’t they before?)
4. Strangers rarely stop each other to small talk anymore. I suck at small talk because as my husband puts it “I’m stuffy.”

Positives of wearing a mask in my opinion…
1. No one can see that huge booger hanging from your nose.
2. No one can see that gunky food in your teeth.
3. No one stops me at work and asks why I’m not smiling.
4. Facial expression are harder to notice and when a smart ass comment slips out under my breathe it’s harder to hear.

I’ll end this with a simple thanks for reading and well have a whatever the fuck day or night you want because opinions are simply just that and no one should be shoving their agenda at you. I simply just ramble to work out my thoughts.

Thanks for reading
Temperamentally Tina.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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