A thought is only a piece.

A thought is only a pieceanother thought appears together they mingle intertwining to create moreas the the afterthoughtfeeds upon the currentevolving the thoughts trying to climb out of their holewet and filled of bloodcreeping to the surface thoughts they transform but there is a partthat tampers the heartbeating it doessending an electrical currentthat corrupts theContinue reading “A thought is only a piece.”


Ghosts.Is a ghost a thought?An abundance of stubborn energy?Is it simply our minds projecting outwardand the most vivid thinkers are they the ones creating these ghosts.Do the psychics know?Are they the ones ready to profit on the thoughtsof everyone else?The fearsthe hopesthe wantsthat they cannot bring true or do they not know either? Thanks forContinue reading “Ghosts.”