Who is winning?

Who is winning?I hear that term often.They’re winning!I ask who?Big Pharma!Filled of employees getting oldthey’re wrinkling.Our politicians!They’re getting old wrinkly skinthey’re aging. The big CEOs!They’re getting old they’re wrinkling.Congress!They’re getting oldthey’re wrinklingbodies enlarging minds are loosing all their thoughts slipping.I ask who is winning?The influencers!Always struggling for likesfor one more laugh enslaved by their homesContinue reading “Who is winning?”

The evil we evade is all of us.

The most painful thought that clutches my brain digging in and replacing hope is that the evil we evade is all of us. There is no group we could confine within cellsor burry within our soilsto vanish the evil and live within purity because humans are animals. It’s not the rich aloneit’s not ethnicity it’sContinue reading “The evil we evade is all of us.”