In the syringe.

She saw the nurse holding the syringe labeled a bad moodand quickly she thought,How would it be any different why not succumband accept it?Wouldn’t it be easier to be regulated even if it’s anger and sadness at a high intensity rather than a mixture of allhappy, excited, surprised, sad, angry, frustratedthe list continues unsure ofContinue reading “In the syringe.”

A bad mood hidden within the food.

A bad moodhidden within the foodslipping within the bloodstream intoxicating the river turning it mean and completing its task as the bad mood is absorb fast. The river that flows inside is the reason the vessel cried during a part of its life that was cheerfultaking away the possibility of being delightful. The vessel maddeemedContinue reading “A bad mood hidden within the food.”

A bad mood.

A bad mood,that’s what the drink was calledshe downed it within minutes allowing it to hit her bloodstream.However she felt nothing different.Shit…was she always like this? She asked the bartender again for the name of that drink.A bad mood. Damn, she asked for another she couldn’t accept that one wasn’t enough not enough to alterContinue reading “A bad mood.”