Embracing the pavement.

There is this place
in which I can feel
my body embracing the pavement
and the smell of iron as my blood
drips leaving a corpse
for another to find
this place it’s very real
this place I’m speaking of
in which we spend our limited time here
preparing for a place
we can’t see
can’t feel
can’t hear
and in preparation
of that mythical place
we abandon our future kin
leaving them a place
that soon will be unlivable
because we’re worried
about an eternal afterlife
rather than fixing
rather than cleaning
rather than saving
no it’s not the soul that needs help
it’s the very real bodies
dying about us
as we stand about
saying “look up
our protector up there
is always right here with us.”

The deception in your words
I may decipher
in which what you meant is
I have no time to help
unless it’s noticed
and broadcasted
and it is me that is not at fault
for I am only me
and I am the victim
in which I must speak
and say the victim is all
and is no one
all at once
because it’s impossible
to decipher opinion and fact
they don’t correlate
and rather lets just say
we all could try
and admit
and mend
and help
and solve together
and when we cannot
we say we’ll try
and we’ll try and we’ll leave
leaving behind our journals
hoping the next generation
can solve
what we haven’t
lets just hope there is another
and I will say
I will try
I will
and I will more
and what I cannot
I’ll apologize
as I leave this place
for that’s all any of us can give.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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