The word warning written in red.

She envisioned a rather small version of herself
shrink and shrink more
so small it entered her nostrils
venturing further and further.
She got to the brain,
knocked a few times as she stared at the note on the door.
“Out for lunch.”
Figures of course it would be
her timing was never right.

After all that work
she wasn’t going to leap out,
give up,
she was searching
for a specific thought.
OH YEA that’s right
her rather large obsession
with the concept of a soul.
What is it?
Nobody could answer that for her.
Is a souls existence bound to creating,
if so is it related to creating something specific?
She was told she lacked soul,
what does that even mean?

She began to search,
people always say we love with out heart.
She thought about it,
it could be worth it
to check it out
so she fumbled in her backpack
and grabbed out her scuba gear.
It’s going to be bloody in there,
I won’t stop until I’ve picked and prodded
I’ll drain that thing dry
to find the soul.
Well it wasn’t in there
she fumbled in her backpack
grabbing out a needle and thread,
I better stitch it back up
don’t want to bleed to death.

She heard something
as she was in the middle of her needlework
it was rather loud
talking through a speaker,
the brain was back from lunch.
A rumble
and there she was in its office.
You make it seem so easy,
she rolled her eyes.
As she stared at the brain it chuckled
you are imaginary
and I am the boss in here
it is that easy.

Do you have an answer for me? she asked.
The brain handed her a piece of paper
with the word warning written in red.
What does that even mean? She was frustrated.
You’ve been warned the brain stated.
Keep quiet, go along with what they say
otherwise they’ll banish you.
If you don’t believe in a soul,
if you don’t believe in a higher power,
how can they punish you
how can they keep you in line?
They can’t
which means your dangerous,
which means your a liability
and if you continue
we will no longer exist.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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