Mutated factory creature art.

Last night I took a break from drawing kiddish art and just allowed my mind to run a bit. I I created a drawing that sort of resembled a question mark with floating bubble eyes. The last black layer my mind interpreted as a factory in the distance, and the black question mark creature I perceived as a puff of smoke coming from the factory. I titled the design Mutated Factory Creature. As most of my inkblot type of art it’s all up to interpretation, there really is no one answer to what the creatures are. The whole point of the art is just to free my mind and not become overly stressed trying to draw something perfectly instead just drawing and whatever happens happens.

I’ve been drawing a lot of artwork with a Halloween theme recently to create early educational games to play with my daughters, and share with others. After finishing 26 kids in Halloween costumes I needed a break to not be all stressed out about it. I have a really hard time drawing hands, even cartoonish style it makes me crazy frustrated therefore some of the characters hands were hidden behind their back. My frustration with my art skill is what drove me to create my creature art in the first place. I disliked most everything I would draw feeling it would never live up to my expectations or rank anywhere decent within the world of art therefore I began to just draw, rather than decide where the picture would end up I just began to simply draw and whatever happened happened.

Below images show what the Mutated Factory Creature With Eyes design looks like.

Below images show what the Mutated Factory Creature Without Eyes looks like.

I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to upload on Redbubble and share therefore I uploaded the design both ways with and without eyes. Mutated Factory Creature With Eyes and Mutated Factory Creature Without Eyes are available for purchase on items above and more at the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble. If interested in checking out other designs by me here is that direct link TerriblyTina on Redbubble. Thanks for reading my rambles and checking out my art.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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