A jailer speaking to their heart.

He watched her;
head tilted couch potato.
He knew
her body was fighting the battle internally.
The score;
1 for her 3 for the disease
Syringe in his hands
lover within his heart
disease motivating his hands
A shot her eyes closed
she drifted within peace.

The poem above I wrote for a college writting class, pertaining to assisted suicide. It had me lost within a daze for a while trying to convey the point of view of a middle aged man taking the life of his lover. Portraying him in a way in which the world wouldn’t perceive him a monster. Origionally it was a gun in his hand, upon reconsideration I felt a syringe was more appropriate in a mercy killing. Back then it was a relevant subject back during the days of the Doctor Jack Kevorkian debate.

Any ways the story as many, I felt fell short of my expectations. Left to rot away within a usb drive somewhere in my home. Through the many redundant played out words, I had at some point written a poem that conveyed what a man that loss his wife would feel. Heavily weighted with the burden of setting her free from the pain she was trapped within. Left with loneliness, his life partner was gone.

“I can feel you within my chest;
anxious and at a loss,
heavily weighted,
and awaiting human touch.”
-said the jailer to it’s prisoner.

Maybe someday I’ll feel the impulse to try again and give the man a voice until then his words will stay rotting on a usb drive. As for now the abstract hand and heart can be found for sale on the items above and more here. If your interested in checking out other designs check out TerriblyTina at Redbubble.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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