She wasn’t the toxic type.

She handpicked her dinner in the grove
went home and boiled the red liquid upon the stove
preparation was the most tortures part
she had to reach in and pluck out the heart
she wasn’t the toxic type
organic meant the most ripe
ear plugs to withstand each scream
she wasn’t mean
only diligent
she was management
and each associate
deemed this dinner appropriate

The liquid must come to a full boil
or else it may curdle
and curdle vile
causes a great sickness for a while
at least it’s been rumored
As the red liquid simmered
she placed it into a skeleton mold
and into the freezer until it got cold

As each took a seat
she placed a meal of meat
each plate
gave each member a reason to relate
skeleton cubes filled each glass
as a member exclaimed she could teach a class
on such a perfect prep
forever in each others debt

A fire pit
the group gathered for a bit
speaking of their fears
and the monsters that have haunted them for years
they’ve evaded
eating in private hoping to never get raided
as she burned the clothes.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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